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SXSW: Sorry, Bobby Elvis! And Hi, Diego Luna.

March 21, 2011

So we made it back relatively unscathed and I have to say, SXSW is one of those blessing/curse things.  Blessing: music everywhere, music lovers everywhere and general good vibes.  Curse: drunk, possibly tripping people walking in front of your car like you couldn’t accidentally kill them.  Austin is one of those places that is both a surprise and a cliche at the same time.  Like you might see some middle aged man in a business suit shakin’ his ass to punk rock, but you might also see a hippie chick wearing a tie dye dress riding her bike in traffic.  And yes, I saw both of those things on this trip.

It was fantastic but also maddening.  First of all, the whole vibe in our hotel was odd.  It was packed with musicians but there was also some State Trooper convention thing going on.  So it was an uneasy mix at best.  I have been a good, law abiding girl for many years now, so why is it that every time I see a cop approaching me, I gasp and look for the exit? 

Anyhoo, we had approximately 2 hours to get from our hotel to the gig, maybe 4 miles away.  Easy, right?  WRONG.  Due to the giant, soul sucking clusterfuck that is SXSW, we almost did not make it.  Seriously.  My husband was freaking out, his band mates were texting furiously like “Where the FUCK are you?  We are on in 10 minutes!”  He is the singer, so it’s not exactly like they could wing it without him.  So after we almost killed the hippie chick on the bike (my husband was like “open your door and knock her ass off that stupid bike”) we rolled into valet parking on 2 wheels.  But of course, it was a hot mess down there, so no valet tonight.  Park it yourself, bitches and hey, where’s my $20?  Now we’re flying around this parking garage when this short heavyset guy with long curly hair ambles in front of us.   My husband slams on the brakes and in a rare moment of calm, did not honk, flip the guy off or anything.  The man turns around to shoot us the stinkeye and it’s Bobby Elvis from Sons of Anarchy!

You know, I have met a few famous people in my life, but I almost never say anything to them.  I always fear I’ll lapse into that Chris Farley thing like “Hey remember when you were in that movie?  Yeah, that was cool.”  I mean, what do you say?  And this time I definitely didn’t say anything, although I love Sons of Anarchy.  What would I say?  “Hey, Bobby Elvis!  Remember when my husband almost killed you like 5 minutes ago?  Yeah, that would have sucked.”

Anyway, we were still on a mission, so we parked and literally RAN down the street to the Easy Tiger which was conveniently located down three flights of urine soaked stairs.  The band who played before The Mullens was STILL PLAYING.  Whew!  We had time to get a drink and relax and then…they played four fucking encores.  Hey!  Cut it out, dudes, I don’t care if you are from Australia! 

So finally the boys took the stage and it was rockin’!  People were drinking and dancing and singing along.  It was great.  But I noticed the guy in front of me looked really familiar.  Hey, is that Diego Luna from Y Tu Mama Tambien, one of my all time favorite movies?  I totally think it is.  Wow!  After the guys finished playing, a girl came up to me and we talked a bit and she looked over at Diego Luna and said “Oh, hi!  Hey, Kitten, this is….”  I couldn’t understand her, it was so loud.  And then Diego Luna says, “I think I know you.  Haven’t we met before?”  Uhhh, not while I was awake, Diego Luna.  Turns out it’s a guy from The Deadites, a truly great band my husband has recorded before.   Good luck with your new band, man, but hey, the Diego Luna thing is totally working for you.

More on SXSW later!

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  1. fool pump permalink
    March 24, 2011 1:28 am

    Would you Dallasites stop coming down here and harassing the bicyclists! Cheers!!!

  2. March 24, 2011 1:49 pm

    I know it sounds like that, but this girl was riding in the middle of traffic VERY SLOWLY staring dazedly at all the pretty lights. And probably singing “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” in her head. Girl, trip at home! Jeez…

    Had a blast with you and Donna. Can’t wait to do it again. I mean have dinner with you guys. There’s a reason SXSW only comes once a year…it’s exhausting!

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