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Adventures In Parenting Starring the Car Stereo, Part Deux:

June 24, 2011

As most of you know, my life revolves mainly around my family.  To those of you without children, this roughly translates as “I am constantly schlepping cheeky monkeys around town.”  Thus, my kids have learned most of the words to songs I like.  I’ve become obsessed with the Nashville Ramblers’ “Trains” and play it constantly.  Not only is the song gorgeous, but it has great lyrics.  Witness:

She acts unaware of her smile or the scent of her hair

When she leaves a room she takes everyone’s eyes out with her

Awesome, no?  But Tiny C (age 3) has decided to take this particular verse literally.  When the song ends, she starts fake sobbing and wails, “Why?  Why does she have to take their eyes out?  She so MEAN!!”

I take zero responsibility for her dramatic tendencies.

She was born this way.

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