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I Love You Man, But I Refuse To Suck The Finger.

August 15, 2011

OK guys, I had to jump in my Wayback Machine to get this, but man, I love these lyrics.  And his hair.  And a cow!  Awesome.

I truly love the song but it reminds me of seeing Echo & the Bunnymen and witnessing the all out creepiest thing I’ve ever seen a musician do onstage.  I was pretty close to the stage and there were a bunch of girls jumping up and down trying to get Ian McCulloch’s attention.  He staggers to the edge of the stage, sticks like 3 fingers in his mouth, sucks on them for a bit and then proceeds to offer them to these girls to suck on.  And I shit you not, they did.  One after another. 

Honestly, dude!  Blow jobs backstage?  It’s like a time honored tradition.  But that shit?  Get your head sorted.

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