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#6 With A Bullet. Maybe Literally.

August 20, 2011

File this under:  Random Shit I Don’t Need To Know But For Some Reason Find Absolutely Fascinating (a/k/a Immaturity for Losers).  Apparently there is a website called and they have decided it is vastly important to hip us to the sluttiest city in the country!  Are you excited now?  Well, apparently if you are from Portland you are!  Here’s the list:

1.  Portland, Oregon

2.  Seattle, Washington

3.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4.  Miami, Florida

5.  San Francisco, California

6.  Dallas, Texas

7.  San Bernadino, California

8.  Denver, Colorado

9.  San Diego, California

10.  Houston, Texas

And here is my hometown shaming me once again by coming in at a sad, limp #6.  I mean, is it just too freaking hot to get freaking hot?  Honestly Dallas, put the guns down and get busy!!

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