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A World Of No.

November 17, 2011

Look, I am not perfect.  I have run my car into the ditch of bad taste more than once.  Or more precisely, just once.  For a freaking decade.  That’s right 1980s, I’m looking your way.

I mean, see through leggings?  Done it.


Fringe cowboy boots?  Totally been there.

Skin tight tank top without a bra?  Sadly, yes.

Thank god there were no cell phone cameras back then.  But this shit?

This is like the Omaha Beach of style.  This is where good taste and good sense go to die.  Girlfriend, you look like you are about 10 seconds away from going all Joan Collins on some poor chick and ripping her foul weave right off her head.

Get help.

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