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The WTF News Of The Day!

December 7, 2011

Great news, people!  Sinead O’Connor is getting married again!  In spite of these trifling details:

1)  This will be her fourth marriage;

2)  She previously announced she was a lesbian;

3)  She posted on her blog recently that she was A) suicidal and B) very into anal sex.  I am not sure if these things are related, I just thought I’d share;

4) Also, and maybe it’s just me, but is it a bit strange that her new beau is a “children’s addiction counselor?”  I mean, who is addicted to children?

Oh, right.

But back to Sinead.  You know, there’s odd and there’s weird, but I’m starting to think she is just COMPLETELY batshit mental.  Like not in a, “Wow, are you really wearing a mink turban and carrying a live lizard in your purse?  You are awesomely eccentric and that one album you did in the 1990s was like hella good.  Come sit by me!”

No, this is much more like, “I am starting to fear that you keep a box of your own toenail clippings under your bed and conduct secret medical experiments on livestock as a hobby.  You should be medicated.  Soon.  And often.”

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