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Say What, Todd Akin?

October 3, 2012

People have been populating this earth for roughly half a million years.  And by that I mean fucking.  For all you hipsters, “fucking” is the technical term for “crashing at someplace other than your mom’s and possibly getting some.”  The world is now populated, in fact, many say it is well overpopulated.  So it appears that we pretty much got that fucking thing down. 

But MENSA pin up boy Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) was in hot water a few weeks ago for saying that “legitimate rape” rarely produces pregnancy because “the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.”

Godammit Todd Akin, where were you when I was in college?  Because if the female body can actually “shut down” unwanted pregnancy, you could have saved me a whole bunch of trips to the Free Clinic. 

But this story just gets better because now a video of Akin from 2008 has surface where he says, “You find that along with the culture of death go all kinds of other law-breaking: Not following good sanitary procedure, giving abortions to women who are not actually pregnant, cheating on taxes, all these kinds of things.”

Usually I just make fun of blowhards like this, but I almost feel sorry for this foolio.  I have to say, “Todd Akin, you need to stop talking right now.  VERY BAD THINGS are coming out of your mouth hole.”

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