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Cloud Nothings!

June 24, 2013

I’m telling you guys, listening to the utter shit that is on the radio today makes me want to jump in a hot bathtub and pop open a vein.  For example:

Passion Pit?  Are just painful.

fun.?  Not only SUCK, but they have the stupidest name EVER.

Daft Punk?  Are so ridiculous they perform wearing Darth Vader masks!


Even my 5 year old is like, OMG — DORKSWARM!!  Seriously, at this year’s Coachella, instead of listening to The Stone Roses who a) are sublime, b) play actual instruments and c) do not rely on pre-recorded dance loops, the lame-ass crowd opted instead to watch a short snippet of these dipshits’ yet-to-be-released new “song.”  I shit you not.

And finally, fucking Macklemore?!!  Oh jeez, just kill me already.  That stupid “Thrift Shop” song is like my kryptonite.

But then I came across these darlings, courtesy of the always fantastic  Trust me on this, kids.  Cloud Nothings are the REAL DEAL!  They can play, sing, have great attitude and enthusiasm.  And the songs?  Are well written, to the fucking point and you can dance to them!  Witness:

It’s called rock and roll, people.  It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be that hard, either.

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